Auto Interior Concept Books

Why Use a Concept Book

Putting ideas together in a book or collection is not a new concept. People have been doing this for ages from the new bathroom remodel to the landscape in the backyard. I haven’t seen it done too often with auto interiors. I’ve also seen a lot of people unhappy because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted, mostly due to mis communication.

I run an auto interior business and If a customer doesn’t bring in pictures we always make an internet search part of the design process. It’s too difficult to get into someone else’s mind. A good concept book gives focus and direction to your project and helps the designer/upholsterer get a better grasp on what you really want.

I love when a customer comes in with a hand full of pictures of what they want and don’t want in their interior project. Most of the time we come out of the design meeting with fresh ideas inspired by the book without copying someone else’s designs directly. Custom interiors should be custom to the owner of the vehicle and their personality and style.

What is a Concept Book?

A concept book doesn’t even have to be a book, maybe it’s a computer file or a folder full of pictures and upholstery material ideas. I’ve had customers come in to a design meeting with pictures saved to their phone. Whatever works for you, is what works for me. It’s always easier for the auto interior designer to have an idea of what you want and even what you don’t want. The communication will be so much clearer and you are far less likely to be disappointed because the picture in your mind translated to something different when you explain your concept to the designer or upholsterer.

What to Include in a Concept Book

Some things that you should keep in your “book” are definitely color ideas and color combinations that you are thinking about. This will narrow down the fabric choices you have to make with the upholsterer and they will more than likely know what fabrics to show you based on your color choices without wasting your time and theirs looking at things you don’t want. Upholstery material type and fabric texture is also something to consider. After all, a high shine vinyl will have a different effect than antique leather.

Save lots of pictures of different interior ideas from the internet and magazines, this is probably where most of your ideas will come from. The beauty of auto interior design is that it can be applied to any type of vehicle. What looks good in a new model BMW will look just as good in a 46 Chevy, Ford, etc. so look at everything.

Other sources of Inspiration

If you can make it to a car show in your area, I highly recommend it. Car shows can give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your project and the best part is you can meet the car owners and get their advice too. Anyone you meet at a car show is a good reference. It’s a given that they love cars and more than likely they like talking about their car and any new car projects that might be coming up (your car). Most of these guys and ladies have built a car or two and will probably have pointers for you beyond just your interior concept. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s experience than your own hindsight, they will also have leads on good mechanic’s, paint & body shops and upholstery shops in your area. So have fun, look around, take pictures and then get started!

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Used Cars in Texas

Due to the state being a busy industrial center, many people rely on their own transport here. Although the state is served by some of the largest and most efficient railway systems in the country, highways have also long been a common choice for those travelling in the area as they have been necessary to overcome the challenges of the native terrain.

With the latest statistics showing that there are around 9 million cars registered in the state – with one car per three residents – investing in buying your own vehicle is a common choice for many Texans today. To economise, many decide to invest in used cars, which has led to a thriving second hand car market in the state.

With that said, there are many common mistakes that Texans make when investing in used vehicles. Here are some of the most significant ones, which can end up costing buyers a great deal of money and result in a lot of disappointment.

Firstly, those looking for used cars for sale in Texas need to be aware of the mileage of the vehicle that they are buying. As mentioned above, the state is served by a great deal of highways, which can mean a lot of long journeys across the state which will naturally wear down a vehicle. You should therefore always look into the service history of the car before you buy.

Although many people in Texas decide to buy more robust vehicles to prepare them for this cross-state driving, it is always wise to consider that the greater the number of miles on the clock, the more that car has been worked hard and therefore the more worn it is likely to be.

Checking the service history for frequent services and repairs can help show that, despite heavy use, the car has been carefully looked after. It is also worth asking the individual how they used their vehicle. Did they just drive to work and back in Houston every day? Or did they frequently undertake return trips between Dallas and Fort Worth for business?

The next common error that people make when looking for used cars for sale in Texas is looking state-wide for their vehicle, rather than sticking within a reasonable boundary for their search. It can be tempting to spread one’s net a little wider, but this can also be a misleading concept to follow.

People generally search in other state cities as they think their ‘ideal’ car might be waiting for them there for a cheaper price. However, most cities in Texas are huge with an already vast selection of used vehicles on the market – the only guaranteed result of searching state-wide is that you will spend far more time and money trying to hone in on the ‘right’ vehicle.

The third common mistake that many people make when looking to buy used cars for sale in Texas is not speaking to the owner or dealer if there is not sufficient information in the listing they have seen. This is a problem that can be seen in the classifieds on the likes of Texas Auto Classifieds and Dallas News, as well as virtually every other auto classifieds site around the country and even the world.

People tend to exaggerate or hide details about the vehicle when they are listing a car, which can mean that you could end up seeing a car in Houston that does not fit your criteria at all, simply because information was hidden or omitted. Instead, take the time to chat to the owner before arranging to see the vehicle to avoid wasting your time.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes: Deductibles Evaluation Method Can Be of Help

It is known to everyone that it is a compulsory under the law for each and every driver to carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage. But the amount that most drivers spend for this purpose is in most cases outrageous. The continuous rising costs of insurance premiums therefore require an attention for drivers to be able to choose from the large insurance market those that will be able to save them some money.

In this article, I will be discussing with you the number one method to ensure that you save money on your car insurance. This method is based on your choice of deductibles.

Deductible is simply the fixed amount that you pay in addition to your monthly premium charges in the event of an accident and a claim against your insurance policy. Many people don’t know the relationship between the deductibles and monthly premiums. An understanding of this relationship can go a long way in making your choice of the cheapest car insurance in town.

In most cases the deductible charges range from about $250 to $1000 or above. But the cheaper deductibles are usually disadvantageous because they require a higher monthly premium compared to the higher deductibles. This can be shown by applying a simple calculation (which I’m going to show you) based on the set of insurance quotes available from your insurer. For example, let’s assume the quotes are as follows:

1. $200 per month and a deductible of $250

2. $150 per month and a deductible of $500

3. $100 per month and a deductible of $700

4. $60 per month and a deductible of $900

As it is evident in the quotes above, the quotes with higher deductibles have relatively lower monthly premiums. The reason for this is explained by the fact that low deductibles require the insurance firms to shoulder more of the financial risk involved in the event of an accident while they will take a lesser responsibility for the higher deductibles in the occurrence of an accident. In the case that two persons, A and B, registered with the insurance company that owns the quotes above. Suppose A went for the first option and B went for the last option, both on a 6 months policy. In the case of an accident within these 6 months, the total cost for both will be calculated as follows:

Total cost = [(Monthly premium) x (Term of policy)] + Deductible.


A’s total cost = [$200x6] + $450 = $1,450 and

B’s total cost = [$60 x 6] + $900 = $1,240.

This may not sound good enough. This may be because the quotes used are not typical of any insurance company but picked randomly from my brain. But the general concept remains that the total cost of an insurance quote with higher deductible are usually lesser. On the other hand, for the same insurance policy suppose there occurs no accident within this period of 6 months, which is most likely to happen since the odds of having an accident in a country like the United States is usually very low, ranging from between 2% and 5% from state to state. The total cost in this case will be calculated as:

Total cost = (Monthly Premium) x (Term of policy)

Hence, the total cost for;

A = $200 x 6 = $1,200

B = $60 x 6 = $360

This saves a lot of money while the odd of you having an accident is low. All you need to do now is look into the insurance market and figure out few credible insurance companies that has a range of alternative insurance quotes. The internet will serve as a tool for purpose. Then compare every one of them using the calculations above. Your result will give you the idea of which of the companies will provide you with the cheapest car insurance quotes.